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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why I hate compromise

I hate compromise because when you compromise with someone you both lost that makes both of you losers.

This article is going to get longer starting with a link to Rush and the weakness with trying to defend BP even subliminally. There is no excuse for Bp or any other corporation who put health and safety at risk for the sake of profits. the compromise was made by Ocomma when he called BP Executives in for a meeting with him and the USA attorney general. No one knows what the hell they talked about; but I think that, pay up or go to jail was the gist.

Problem is, they should pay up and go to jail. No compromise. I also think that government inspectors including the Coast Guard people should GO TO JAIL as well. No compromise.
Collusion, corruption, and incompetent greedy management caused this spill.......period.
I got to listen to some of the BP hearings today on CNN; the CEO was completely evasive.

AAAnd oh look, the unemployment claims just took a jump. Let me guess. 200,000 off shore oil workers are out of a job.

You know narcissistically. Enough of the whining about the cost of saving this teen at sea thing.
How much do you want spent on saving your own lives.....good God. God gave all that he had to save your lives and souls. How much should we give to save just lives. Our own if necessary.

And the Fed'l givm't is getting hammered by the states what with all the suing over the insurance health care bill and such, so the fed is trying to hammer back. Too bad the fed can't afford it.

Alvin who???? Won the South Carolina primary with a whapping 60 percent. Yes he wapped them, and now the dumocrats are thinking conspiracy. HAHAHAHAHAHA! He probably got elected because no one knew him and they hated everyone else. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The liberals really need to get over them selves. Like what? Are they waiting for, the other shoe to drop or something? Yeah they got somthin comin to them alright. It is an ass whoopin for thinking they knew better. I like it, maybe I should run for national elected office. HA! Just kidding. Maybe. No. Maybe. Uh-no.

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