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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yah see now how big corporations have become jerks

Starting with Tony Hayward and gravitating to the President. Those people go from the set and photo op to the Yacht and golf course. the only thing they are impressing on the electorate is how much they really don't give a shit.

Jan Brewer banging away at the pres while dumbass-o-crats pontificate, Fact is I get real suspicious about where a congressman gets his money and who goddamned well knows that there are human and illegal drug smugglers getting across the border scott free. And it is because of fucked up men like this particular dipshit that they are. How many people have died because of this cocksuckers attitude. A shitload more-n-a couple of fucks that got shot and killed trying to get across the border.

In happier news, the Army goes to an AP round for the .223. Cool. I am still looking forward to the new Grendel. There's a round that can make the difference. 6.5mm packed into the same casing as a 5.56. Slightly slower out of the barrel but retains momentum much much further down range. In fact has shown good ballistics out to 1000 yards. Beats the shit out of every other military weapon in the world and kicks the shit out of the Russian 7.62x39mm that has been standard since WWII. Got ta have it. I am in a pissy mood today I guess.
As a christian on the battlefield I would want the meanest weapons available in the world.

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