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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My take on Super Tuesday

Did the tea partiers lose? No. Half of the elections were Democrat primaries. The Media maybe will proclaim the electorate becoming or regaining pragmatism but I say that not all incumbents are to blame for the crap that happens in Washington. Not every body who says they are running under a teaparty ideal is, and the people are going to sense this. Not to mention that just because an incumbent won a primary election for nomination does not mean they are going to win the election. I still predict an electoral bloodbath come November. The SLAP in the face as Fox calls it is not; I say, against the curent ruling class but the current set of idiological intelectuals. Either way the winners yesterday are still the throw the bastards out me.

This whole thing is really the Liberal Imperial establishment against the Constitution, and the people. The question is are the people going to wisen up or not? Depends if they they figure out they are being lied to or not. Remember I just wrote this article about a spiritual kingdom of liars.

And and poor little Mexico is mad over a teen getting shot while on our side of the border. My question is, WHAT THE >>>>WAS HE DOING ACROSS THE BORDER ANYWAY? Mexicans should just shut the ing up. Whoop! Turns out the whole damn family was involved in human trafficking. That's what the kid was doing across the border. Good another piece of slime dead.

They are still calling this a recovery. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It ain't.

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