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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yay! It's back.

Back from Google limbo.

Don't think you people got off easy while I was gone cause I saved the important; 'I wanna say stuff about', to my favorites.

Starting with North Korea looks to be diplomatically backing off and scape goating but the news reports are writing the internal political moves as future preparation for the current Kim Jong Il's retirement. Don't know yet for sure.

Bank of America still getting their asses handed to them over the corruption inside their company. They deserve that.

BP still not telling the absolute truth about the oil spill but that is alright, they can remain in denial all they want to, the American People ain't buying their shit anymore. However the cap they finally managed to install is working sort of. They say hopefully it will suck up most of the leaking oil but they have no delusions about it's perfection. At least they ain't that crazy yet.

Bernanke yammers and everyone relaxes. They shouldn't. This great big bullshit financial mess was created by bullshit finances, and they got a long way to go before everything is right again In fact I said this several years ago now. It ain't never goaan'ta be the same.

And the Potus tries to divert attention away from his great big fubar in the gulf by praising the Phoenix Suns on their economically stupid opinion on the Arizona immigration law. Ann Coulter "Did you plug the hole with a blue dress yet daddy?" AAAND I don't think it is going to make any difference. Damn, he is in it worse than Jiminey Cahta. I don't think they make waders that go all the way up to the chin.

Finally we the people are still pissed and not interested in the current crop of dumi-titions now ensconced in Washington.

Now for your entertainment check out the kungfu bear on Youtube.

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