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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Now for the regular stuff

Well the forecasters are giving BP a little to be easy about. Zat hurricane probably ain't gonna hit them. I bet they are nervous though. Cause they are going to get something and they got to get what ever they are doing done and a hurricane would definitely mess them up. As far as oil really inging up the gulf from a hurricane. Just gaming that scenario in my head looks like an inevitability. The only hope for the gulf is if the two I say are going to hit the USA hit the east coast instead of coming up the gulf.

How bout it East coast wanna take one or two on the chin for your fellow Americans.? Sayin stuff like that makes me laugh inside.

Whoop whoop whoop.......the G20 ain't going quite as peaceful as they wanted it too. A couple of companies of protesters broke off from the main group and rip the **** out of downtown Toronto. Might of been just another boring summit but now it's interesting. Funny that. Tis what happens when you don't spank your children. They grow up into the bullies opposing the bullies.
Whatever..... what is that principle about criminals breaking windows being good for the economy now???? God says he raises up the evil and protects them and created the destroyer to wreak havoc.

Here is a good article about who is going to judge whether the Pres. pick is going to get a pass to the Supreme Court.

Whoop whoop whoop.......The Canadian police go proactive and raid a college campus trying to quell the anti-one worlders. I wonder if the one worlders get that people really don't want a "one world government".

Yes Alqueda is driven back but is that good enough or is there something else going on???? Have they retreated because Gorgimak(old movie) is just around the corner.

Hugo Chaves is obviously nuts.

Unfortuantely for the Catholics, too much covering up equals nobody listening.

Aaaand one of the lone Democratic Senators the Great Senator Byrd is very ill.

A New York Stock floor trader says were in for a bad time if real permanent real jobs are not created......How many times I gotta say, "factories". Get the % of US citizen workforce up to 20-25% or no one in this world will be able to prosper economically. Things will keep slipping slowly inexorably, and you people will damn straight not be able to say you weren't told so.

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