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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why are men wimping out.

Men weaker willed sex because????? We have more brazen wimen is politics. I mean check out Sarah Palin. and for the first time I think that if a Woman ran for office.....well I would vote for that hockey fight loving, moose killer. "I like the way she talks". She talks tough like men should. Our men politicians have become pussies, wimps afraid to say whats on their minds and afraid to tell the truth. Something has happened to them spiritually. They went and gone all compromising.

I cannot say I know the specific nuts and bolts of what happened to them spiritually, but I do know by what particular spiritual Kingdom this comes by. Da city of babbling Babylon.

Rev 17:3 SoG2532 he carried me awayG667 G3165 inG1722 the spiritG4151 intoG1519 the wilderness:G2048 andG2532 I sawG1492 a womanG1135 sitG2521 uponG1909 a scarlet colouredG2847 beast,G2342 fullG1073 of namesG3686 of blasphemy,G988 havingG2192 sevenG2033 headsG2776 andG2532 tenG1176 horns.G2768
Rev 17:4 AndG2532 theG3588 womanG1135 wasG2258 arrayedG4016 in purpleG4209 andG2532 scarlet colour,G2847 andG2532 deckedG5558 with goldG5557 andG2532 preciousG5093 stonesG3037 andG2532 pearls,G3135 havingG2192 a goldenG5552 cupG4221 inG1722 herG848 handG5495 fullG1073 of abominationsG946 andG2532 filthinessG168 of herG848 fornication:G4202
Rev 17:5 AndG2532 uponG1909 herG848 foreheadG3359 was a nameG3686 written,G1125 MYSTERY,G3466 BABYLONG897 THEG3588 GREAT,G3173 THEG3588 MOTHERG3384 OF HARLOTSG4204 ANDG2532 ABOMINATIONSG946 OF THEG3588 EARTH.G1093
Rev 17:6 AndG2532 I sawG1492 theG3588 womanG1135 drunkenG3184 withG1537 theG3588 bloodG129 of theG3588 saints,G40 andG2532 withG1537 theG3588 bloodG129 of theG3588 martyrsG3144 of Jesus:G2424 andG2532 when I sawG1492 her,G846 I wonderedG2296 with greatG3173 admiration.G2295
Rev 17:7 AndG2532 theG3588 angelG32 saidG2036 unto me,G3427 WhereforeG1302 didst thou marvel?G2296 IG1473 will tellG2046 theeG4671 theG3588 mysteryG3466 of theG3588 woman,G1135 andG2532 of theG3588 beastG2342 that carriethG941 her,G846 which hathG2192 theG3588 sevenG2033 headsG2776 andG2532 tenG1176 horns.G2768
Rev 17:8 TheG3588 beastG2342 thatG3739 thou sawestG1492 was,G2258 andG2532 isG2076 not;G3756 andG2532 shallG3195 ascendG305 out ofG1537 theG3588 bottomless pit,G12 andG2532 goG5217 intoG1519 perdition:G684 andG2532 they that dwellG2730 onG1909 theG3588 earthG1093 shall wonder,G2296 whoseG3739 namesG3686 were notG3756 writtenG1125 inG1909 theG3588 bookG975 of lifeG2222 fromG575 the foundationG2602 of the world,G2889 when they beholdG991 theG3588 beastG2342 thatG3748 was,G2258 andG2532 isG2076 not,G3756 and yetG2539 is.G2076
Rev 17:9 And hereG5602 is theG3588 mindG3563 which hathG2192 wisdom.G4678 TheG3588 sevenG2033 headsG2776 areG1526 sevenG2033 mountains,G3735 (G3699) onG1909 whichG846 theG3588 womanG1135 sitteth.G2521
Rev 17:10 AndG2532 there areG1526 sevenG2033 kings:G935 fiveG4002 are fallen,G4098 andG2532 oneG1520 is,G2076 and theG3588 otherG243 is not yetG3768 come;G2064 andG2532 whenG3752 he cometh,G2064 heG846 mustG1163 continueG3306 a short space.G3641
Rev 17:11 AndG2532 theG3588 beastG2342 thatG3739 was,G2258 andG2532 isG2076 not,G3756 evenG2532 heG846 isG2076 the eighth,G3590 andG2532 isG2076 ofG1537 theG3588 seven,G2033 andG2532 goethG5217 intoG1519 perdition.G684
Rev 17:12 AndG2532 theG3588 tenG1176 hornsG2768 whichG3739 thou sawestG1492 areG1526 tenG1176 kings,G935 whichG3748 have receivedG2983 no kingdom as yet;G3768 G932 butG235 receiveG2983 powerG1849 asG5613 kingsG935 oneG3391 hourG5610 withG3326 theG3588 beast.G2342
Rev 17:13 TheseG3778 haveG2192 oneG3391 mind,G1106 andG2532 shall giveG1239 theirG1438 powerG1411 andG2532 strengthG1849 unto theG3588 beast.G2342
Rev 17:14 TheseG3778 shall make warG4170 withG3326 theG3588 Lamb,G721 andG2532 theG3588 LambG721 shall overcomeG3528 them:G846 forG3754 he isG2076 LordG2962 of lords,G2962 andG2532 KingG935 of kings:G935 andG2532 theyG3588 that are withG3326 himG846 are called,G2822 andG2532 chosen,G1588 andG2532 faithful.G4103
Rev 17:15 AndG2532 he saithG3004 unto me,G3427 TheG3588 watersG5204 whichG3739 thou sawest,G1492 whereG3757 theG3588 whoreG4204 sitteth,G2521 areG1526 peoples,G2992 andG2532 multitudes,G3793 andG2532 nations,G1484 andG2532 tongues.G1100
Rev 17:16 AndG2532 theG3588 tenG1176 hornsG2768 whichG3739 thou sawestG1492 uponG1909 theG3588 beast,G2342 theseG3778 shall hateG3404 theG3588 whore,G4204 andG2532 shall makeG4160 herG846 desolateG2049 andG2532 naked,G1131 andG2532 shall eatG5315 herG848 flesh,G4561 andG2532 burnG2618 herG846 withG1722 fire.G4442
Rev 17:17 ForG1063 GodG2316 hath putG1325 inG1519 theirG848 heartsG2588 to fulfilG4160 hisG848 will,G1106 andG2532 to agree,G4160 G3391 G1106 andG2532 giveG1325 theirG848 kingdomG932 unto theG3588 beast,G2342 untilG891 theG3588 wordsG4487 of GodG2316 shall be fulfilled.G5055
Rev 17:18 AndG2532 theG3588 womanG1135 whichG3739 thou sawestG1492 isG2076 that greatG3173 city,G4172 which reignethG2192 G932 overG1909 theG3588 kingsG935 of theG3588 earth.G1093

Rev 19:2 ForG3754 trueG228 andG2532 righteousG1342 are hisG848 judgments:G2920 forG3754 he hath judgedG2919 theG3588{link} greatG3173 whore,G4204 whichG3748 did corruptG5351 theG3588 earth{link}G1093 withG1722 herG848 fornication,G4202 andG2532 hath avengedG1556 theG3588 bloodG129 of hisG848 servantsG1401 atG1537 herG848 hand.G5495

The city of Babylon in these passages is a city of Devils. Causing peoples and nations to behave like unto Sodom and Gomorah.

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