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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Regular stuff

You might be wondering where I have been this last week. Well.....I confess to having this huge affection for PC Games so I have been playing one and that is all you get.

George's dad killed mine. Not directly but by company memo. He made the men work with asbestos with out providing environmental protective gear. My dad died of mesothelioma. any way George Steinbrenner is dead now. My dad was a great resource for me and a source of pride and strength. I loved him and held him up to the world as a great man. I miss him......

Good bye George I never held it against you.

Tea party lambastes ACLU no wait NAACP(The ACLU has been screwed up too). True racism is about purity of genetics not ideals, and there is no greater misrepresentation of racism than the NAACP. I think that both are impossible hopes. Ideas and racial purity that is. Uh BTW.... WAY to go TEA PARTY. YAY-A!

BP tries on new valve, cap, uh....whatever. Hope it works.

Aaaand Thank you Mr President for suing Arizona right now. Makes the Dumdum-o-crats look stupid and ignorant, and in an election year that is always good for the opposition. Which is in this case apparently is the people.

Ok Mel; I understand the pressure and all but it is time know relax. And wet back is a slang term for illegal Latino know....for crossing the Rio Grand.....which is really a misnomer because back in the day Mexicans used to cross during the dry season when you could walk across; as the Rio Grand was not much more than a babbling brook, past tense now I would guess. I do have a verse for you. It is one of the last blessed are theys; when they are persecuted for Jesus name sake. Of course the world has long since learned not to say that you are being persecuted. But spiritually you are I suppose for your magnificent movie The Passion.
With Love if I could say so to you personally change your heart and mind and rejoice at the pressure you feel that your rewards may be great in that day of reward giving.

If I could say this as I said this about another less famous man that I did know personally and knew me; Larry Hoff,....I love that man......don't get any ideas....I ain't a homo....nor a homophobe.....morons. Nice thing about being a nobody. I can call people names all I want to, and you can't care.....unless you want to make me famous. And you don't so....nana nana boo boo....

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