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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Health Care Is going to cover????

I was hearing 40 million people did not have health care coverage back around 2007. Now coverage will kick in for a not whopping 2 maybe 3 percent of them. Aaaah that is 1/40th of them.
According to this, that the rest will see some increases in coverage. So is that how the Dumocrats are going to get votes? Increase benefits for the rest of the people and fuck those who don't have coverage? I tol ya'll the astronomical cost of health care comes from the privatization for profits of hospitals and the exorbitant cost of training new doctors and no where else.
Those hospitals that weren't privatized have been under assault to privatize but as I have previously noted the number of people who die while in a private for profit hospital is higher than in non profit hospitals. Goes along with corporations don't care for people but they do care for their money. Greedy fuckers.

Like I said the dumocrats ain't so smart as to have just ramrodded nationionalization of hospitals through. I mean if they were going to force anything that would have worked. So anyway how many people did the Democrats just kill.? Fuckin idiots.

The Democrats talk brave but are really just cowards. Trust me that invasion is going to fix all of that too.

Next article up, things that are going to be fixed by that invasion. I hate it but it is necessary. When men get too goddamned complacent, is when men get to greedy, is when empires get weak, is when the barbaric invade.

Did you know that the biggest empire on Earth ever was the barbarian Genghis Khans? No? It encompassed most of Europe to the Bering Sea, from the North Pole to the Indian Ocean. He conquered them all. Well not exactly.

I think there is a good chance that when we get invaded that the invaders are going to be pretty ruthless and fairly well slaughter as they go irreguardless of political ideologies. That be God a slaughtering. You see it is the democrats who are now acting as if America is some kind of world leader. The only thing the US lead the world to do was be fuckin greedy.

Such is the nature of the spy business.

Heat? People don't know what heat is.

It's a mask.

Just buying low to sell high. Not to be confused with some kind of economic recovery.

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