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Monday, July 5, 2010

Regular stuff

Communist Chinese sentence this guy for doing research . I am surprised that the commy controlled left wing media let this out. The guy was sentenced to eight years but before that he was tortured by the Chinese government for being a spy, you know to find out what else he knew and who he was really working for. Private corporations ought not be pokin around in other governments shit any way but the main thought I have is; 'oops, did greedy private enterprise just run into big government, and not this faux shit they are trowing out there as big government here in the US. Bet your confused as how I stand on Big corporations vs Big government. Well I will give my prognoses in crazy words. This be the third beast against the second beast which the third beast already beat the second beasts ass so the third beast will win this confrontation as well. However in victories like this which the third beast wins they only strengthen the resolve needed for the world to invade the United States. Ok, that'll work.

Why crazy words? So you will think I am crazy and not really pay attention to what I just said so it too will come true.

So do I have a solution for this? No, Other than to let it happen so that the third beast gets it's ass handed to it as well. Cause you see, I am pissed at the third beast. Unfortunately this leads to Armageddon......ultimately. Besides I don't think people care about what I am saying anyway and already think I am a nut which in this case I can say it and it still won't matter. That doesn't change whether it comes true or not. So, no I don't have a silver bullet for this problem. Wish I did or sombody else did. I really hate conflict. People get hurt and it's people I care about.

BP ain't done being a long shot. Inspite of their recent PR campagn noooobodies gonna listen.

The Rooskies are coming, the Rooskies are the tune of the yanks are coming....That should feed some conspiracy theorists.

Back to the confrontation of big government against big corporations. Big government ain't any better and needed it's ass handed to it and even though this next story is a little teeny reason why big government needed its ass kicked. You see socialism is probably the real reason for these problems. When men try to put words to one of God's ideas and then try to take credit for them they get shit like 20 years ago where one teen beats a kid to death and gets two other teens to throw him off a bridge into the Puget Sound. The government workers afraid for their jobs and/or their fucked up little government jobs program lied obfuscated and just plain ol' did not give a shit about what happened to the probably little punk at least they obviously looked at them kids that way cause they obviously did not give a shit or they would have tried a hell of lot harder to figure out what happened to the kid. Worse they waited weeks to tell the family that the kid wasn't around anymore. Talk about apathetic.

Truth is big government never cares what happens to the individual and big corporation don't either. Big government is about power only, and big corporation is about money only. Truth is no one is listening to either one any more. Both are liars. Both saaaaay they care about people, but they are liars................They don't.

I read a kindof unbiased wishy washy article that I kindof hate. The unemployment issue and the question is who is spinning it right. You know that spinning facts is really lying to gain power, right? So I did a little math on my own. At the current rate of adding jobs; 83000 a month, it would take 96 months to rehire all those unemployed who lost thier jobs. That would be um......8 years. Now it is a little more flux than that as some will get jobs right away while newbies to the job market would have to wait, causing a waitlist sort of deal that would mean that newbies would average 8 years before they get a job. Some more, some less. Kind of fucked up now ain't it?

That means a lot more kids living at home with mom and dad a whole lot longer. Or like in my case living at home with mom as a old fart and because of my bad back and my weakness of not being a liability to an employer. Of course you would say that in itself is crazy but then I would be just as much a lying duplicitous a person as I bitch about now wouldn't I? I got into a discussion about that on this weekend, with someone who will remain unamed but it troubled me this way. In trying to solve the worlds problem type of discussion he said 'if the tables were turned; I would go to another country rather than let my kids starve, to work even if it was as an illegal alien'........I thought for a moment...... I said, "no I wouldn't, because that would be wrong". He said (baloney). No it isn't. I really am that way. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would have figured something out and my kids would have had clothes on thier back and food in their mouths and shelter. Can't say as to the quality but I can say that I believe by God and miracle that it would have worked out. Besides when I thought about it. If the situation was different and I........ back when I was raising kids, the cost benefit analysis plus the lifeus interruptus that getting caught in another country would not have been worth it. In other words I got better things to do that sit around waiting for a governments grindingly slow wheels to turn. Get it? So no, I wouldn't go traipsing illegally across national borders for any reason.

Double slide in the economy? I thought that was a no brainer. This guy says there are eight thing and any one of them could trip up the economy. I ask what are the odds that one of them will septic tank and take the economy with it? Just guessing.......100% likelihood. It would be much easier for ya'll to enjoy this roller coaster ride, if so many wouldn't of puked already. Hell this is just the first of many ups and downs wait until we hit the loop-de-loops and really sharp fast turns. You people better get into it cause it is not like you didn't see it coming. If you don't, no matter how tuff you are, your still going to eventually puke. Glad I am up front, lest you puke on me.

And now for some strange entertainment. Bobby Fischers body is exumed( I didn't even know he was dead) for paternity testing. This guy was a Master Chess player on and off the field; if you want to call it that.

Uh oh. BP is totally screwed. Not only is oil getting into the Florida Keys but active weather is sidelining the fleet trying to control what oil it can. And he oil just keeps on flowing. I told my wife that the currents were going to carry oil around Florida and up the coast. I see the possibility that it could go all the way to.........a long ways......probably not. but that has got to be a scary thought for environmentalists.

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