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Sunday, July 11, 2010

News is scanty

But Kennedy is now the decision maker on who writes the opinions. The question is why is that so important. Probably because it is the written opinions of decisions made in the Supreme Court that are used by lower courts to decide future cases. I guess, but in my mind that is not going to stop us from getting invaded. Maybe I will go through a craze for a while that ends every thought with that. Maybe I should make it a sentence at the end of each article.

In fact the reason we get invaded is the opposite of what the world is thinking. Prayer in schools and reinstating it would delay; amazingly, the invasion. Actually people not believing that it is possible is the reason we get invaded. The old "never say never" saying. Politicians can no longer hold that the US is the permanent economic power in the world. Politicians have made sure of that by their stupidity. I could list several ways they have fucked things up. Fer instance, The illegal alien shit is an instance of intellectual stupidity......Another is politicians and policy makers consider they are immune to attacks. What a surprise they would find when during the invasion they are summarily slaughtered right along with the masses. I can't say. Or worse tried in military tribunals and executed while the war is ongoing. Man I am curious to see which way things go. Maybe the invading armies are like an old movie I saw back in the late 70's. An alien assassin; blond of course, comes in, and before he kills a target he says, "I come in peace". The newly appointed commander of the middle east, a Marine general said that too. I like the way he said it though. "I come in peace. I didn't bring my tanks and artillery, but so help me god if you fuck with me I will kill every goddamn one of you". Ok so that is not a perfect quote. He sent that message to all of the leaders in his area of operations. That, by the way is the attitude you have to have in dealing with the A-rabs. They understand the hand of God is firm, and strong, and sure, a stabilizer and fair, and not greedy. The devil destabilizes and God stabilises.

God is open honest, and the devil is conniving. In other words Don't get elected to office and then think to change what you are doing if you get elected. That shit is of the Devil. People know it and will not be happy overall with it. Piss the people off long enough; and voila, you get thowed out of office like the vegetable-o-crats back in teh 90's or the stubbed-their-toe-icans two years ago. Yeah the dumb-icans were too busy being greed-icans druther than Americans. Don't like my slangifying. Fuck off. Don't compromise your values that you said you have, or got elected on because that will at first suppress the people. But they won't be suppressed long. Is the Slob-o-crats figuring that out now???? Is the intellectuals figuring that out now??? Is the power greedy figuring that out now???? How about the rest of the powers that be. so I hear in my mind some saying oh look ron was right. Hard right rudder! We are about to crash into the shoals of national life and it is too late. Too late. I suppose I could grab a rail and hang on for dear life or I could grab a Pina Colada and sit back in a nice reclining deck chair and sip down some numbalizer and go ' ah, it's so nice to be right'. Glad I am not on that ship over their. You know; the one about to crash into the rocks, and sink to the bottom of the Sea. Think I'll do the latter. Ah' basking in the victory.

Maybe I shouldn't-a drank all them Coa Cola's last night. Hey I got another thought. This is what IIIIIII look like when I am being a smart ass.

Sometimes I just got to get it off my chest.

Oh hey what? China let Googley moogle back in???? I guess that creep beast won again.

BP let's her rip while they try out a new cap.

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