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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whaaaat? did this guy get away if we did kidnap him? What a movie that would make. Mwhahaha! I got nuthin. One: if we did kidnap him Ya'all would never find him again, if he was uncooperative? Two: if he was cooperative he would now have a new identity, however we are very good at discerning if the guy would eventually turn. Aaaand even President Obabma would not let loose a guy that would make him look stupid. So the question remains....Whaaaat?

He prayeth best who loveth best
All things both great and small.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

Ok Sam, but I believe that it is really; 'he who loveth most, prayeth best. Oh....but the definition of who loveth most is surely debated, ergo undecided.

Surely I cuss too much so I must not love most, except perhaps I cuss so much because I loveth most.....confused yet.....? Maybe it is in the content of the word; and if you can only focuss on the swear words maybe your full of shit, and you look at what you are rather than what you should be. Jesus said ignore the filth of the world....I bet you wonder where that is written. Maybe it is better said; overlook the filth of the world, not to mean ignore it but don't let it soak in to the center of your self but swallow it and shit it out. Still confused? The quote is;

Mat 15:17 Do not ye yetG3768 understand,G3539 thatG3754 whatsoeverG3956 enterethG1531 inG1519 at theG3588 mouthG4750 goethG5562 intoG1519 theG3588 belly,G2836 andG2532 is cast outG1544 intoG1519 the draught?G856

See?........That is why many things of this world do not affect me. You can sin all you want as bad as you want; and because, even though I am aware of it, I ignore it and continue to focus on what little good there is of you. However just a reminder, context is always important. In other words which side of the cube are we on while we converse. The wise will get it, fools will not. In other words don't stick your hands in the meat grinder that is a part of my personality thinking you can say anything to me with a smile. The truth is, there are a lot of things that would make you look like a phychopath if you did. In other words; don't say stupid shit to me trying to sublimate you are going to kill me, with a smile(I have certainly had those kinds of fucked up conversations). Anyway that is seriously bad fucking luck or bad karma or a curse that by the way I didn't lay out there. Everyone who has ever said that kind of shit whether it was openly"(I am going to kill you") or subliminally is dead now. Whether young or old. Sorry. Don't' know where that came from.
One more thing. I just get away from people who say stupid shit like that. I mean really, if you don't want me around well...why should I be around. Uh; by the way, "I come in peace", Ok, that wasn't serious.....or was it?.....MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
You know this is hard to explain because it is like a bain to me to watch people I care about; and that is most of mankind, reject me and then God puts them through shit or kills them over it, and yet I still do not blame them so. You know what I blame people for is....acting out against me if it was plain to all that I was doing or meaning well. I think that; also, people don't get the part about God claiming for himself all of the eldest children. He says the oldest are mine because; I killed the first born of Egypt, to cut the children of his Kingdom loose by it, (the killing).
Do yourselves a favor people; leave me the fuck alone, if for no other reason than, I' m the eldest of two eldest, owned by God, protected by God, cared for by God. I neither personally nor impersonally harm, and though I am human, and make errors, I own up to them, for sure today. If I did not make the error I will not claim it. When I was younger I would lie my ass off, but today...... Not about the past or today will I lie....Nor will I spin my past to make me look good. So whatever the world thinks of who I was then, now is definitely different and will be for the rest of my life.

Will I stumble? Bid it not, I would rather die than save myself with a lie. So should the world be the same as this.

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