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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ah yes, the debate over unmanned aircraft

Should we or should we not. The answer is NO! Signals can be hacked. Electronics can be hacked. People can't .....

Hows this for a scenario: Big war. We send a hundred unmanned bombers carrying 20 tons of HE against multiple high value targets. A strike designed to cripple the enemies command and control of the battle field. We are outnumbered three to one and this particular mission is make or break. With out it we stand to lose a million men is a no holds barred ground fight and may even lose the war completely.

Unbeknownst to us the enemy through espionage and electronic hacks has acquired the digital codes gaining entry into our wireless milnet and has preserved until this moment the usage of such. They initiate the hack and gain control of 10 of the bombers turning them around and bomb our own CCCnets causing a massive com blackout. Creating a communication isolation of units in the midst of complicated maneuvers intended to take advantage of what was supposed to be a sudden loss of headquarter direction of the enemies in their own high stakes game of misdirecting motion.

Suddenly with out updated battlefield information our unit coordination breaks down and begins to jam up piling one on top of the other leaving gaps in the battle line. Gaps the enemy has trained for and now takes full advantage of, doing to us what has not been done ever. Completely destroying whole divisions. In the mean time the rest of the bombers having suddenly been cut off from headquarters, become accessible to the enemy and are hacked, located, hijacked or shot down because now the enemy now knows exactly where they are.

Only a few abort or manage to complete their mission. Those that were hacked and turned around, loitered until called in on concentrations of our now traffic jammed units slaughtering thousands of troops bogged down in an attempt get to their jump off points........ Our complete front is pushed back 100 miles before we are able to stem the tide of battle. The cost is akin the the losses Hitler faced in WWII.

And that little boys and girls is why we don't want to have unmanned bombers. And I do mean little boys and girls.

War is not a game, or a video game, real people die and it should never be any different. Makes men think berfore initiating one.

By the way talking about signals and video being hacked check out this fox news vid. Obvioulsy the signal or the vid has been hacked.

By the way. As far as the threat this thing poses. It does, and the threat will be taken seriously however unless I miss my guess here.... the thing is relatively ancient tech and can be countered with near 100 percent efficiency by just about everyone. So Admjinhaad or whatever your name is. Really, your words are just smoke in the winds to the western world. Also most people have become hardened to propaganda. Waste of time, waste of words. Better to have kept it to yourselves and let the rumors run rampant. Has a greater fear factor today.

"Which form of proverb do you prefer Better late than never, or Better never than late?"
Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

Outstanding Question.

I got this over at Wizbang and it is absolutely hilarious.

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