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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ya wanna talk about people getting history wrong

This reporter says that 8000 people died at Gettysburg. What? Damn I got to figure this out. Was that 8000 Yankees?;....must be because in Pickets charge nearly his whole division of 21000 infantry was annihilated. Hmmm.....let me put it another way....21,000 men were killed from Pickets division. Sooo if it was 8000 Yankees and 21000 Rebs that must be 29000 total men.

Actually the reported losses to Lee during the Battle of Gettysburg was 27,000 men. However that does includes the campaign as a whole.

I just finished reading a summary of Pickets charge and of course the history I was taught, got it wrong as well or did it? anyway I was struck by the fact that people can now walk a path on the battle field. A path that passes over where men shed their blood. The thought that freedom must needs shed the blood of patriots and tyrants. I was just thinking that we have been to long where their was any kind of major battle right here on US soil. As a nation we have forgotten what freedom is really all about.

When I lived in Northern Wisconsin back in the Seventies I recall a kid saying to me that in the State of Wisconsin you could not build a pond on your land without an environmental impact study being done. I was astonished. "On you own private land"; I exclaimed? But that was the law. Fact is it was one of those completely ignorant laws that environmentalist made not understanding that a pond functions well as a feeder for wet lands. Never the less it was an impingement upon freedom, that had snowballed. I see cracks now in the armor of these elitist idiot strong governmental types. They have stretched beyond their means to manage their ideological battle. More and more the effluent from the dam is breaking through and the regular people of this country are now beginning to see. These attitudes of theirs hide something heinous. The destruction of more than a is the destruction of their freedom. I see it in the watch towers of men hearts as the light comes on. The citizens are waking from a long slumber. The slumber of the mesmerizing caused of too much prosperity. Once again History repeats itself. And once again their shall be Armies facing off against one another on this continent. Once again the blood of patriots and tyranist shall be shed. Once again their shall be a victory for freedom. Shall history call it the Third World War. I think it will.

So here it is, mankind knows the future and still mankind is unable to stop it, it, it, it, it..... Is thier an echo in here, here, here........ The question is why not? Uh because us.....I don't know. Maybe because a part of man doesn't want too?

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