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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why are Newsies trying to downgrade war

This article captioned; 5 Americans die in latest Afghan ,violence. War is war, and violence is violent, but there are wars done without violence too. I will tell you why they are saying death by violence . Because they are trying to demonize war......BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry.... War is of it's nature the most violent thing that men can engage in, thus violence in relation to demonizing war is actually, pathetic. War should strike fear in the hearts of men. No need to demonize it. It is already a horror in an of itself.......sooooo......KNOCK IT OFF!

The way that people are; the over use of the word violence will soon dull their senses to the reports of violence. Much like the little boy who cried wolf one to many times. It will take a war to re-instill the true meaning of the word violence. For the extremity of violence is such that there is no need of the word" extreme" in front of it.

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