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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here is some upbeat news

If you predict that without school prayer their can be no prosperity. There apparently is just one guy. Thats me.

Unless the Democrats get on board with what I keep saying about prosperity. It doesn't matter how many times they rebrand themselves, they can't and won't prosper. Why? Because God is the source of all innovation.

Doubling exports....I don't know. I think that is just apart of a slow agonizing economic death.
Economic pain and protests are going to be in the 5 year future. In fact they are necessary.
Prices of imports are up.

Factory output down.

Energy going up.

Foreclosures up.

Wall street rallying, but where the hell are they investing the money? Overseas? Probably. that's no help here in the USA.

S: I hope things go well for the economy for all those people out there.

O: Overall attitudes towards spending VS savings have to change.

A: Absent any change in the current national attitude, the people automatically return to old bad money habits is likely.

P: The US economy will likely continue on a path to marginalization at best.

Here I am thinking I am going to find some good thing to write about so I found a positive article related to the 2nd amendment. But one of the interviewees says that it scares the shit out of him when he hears that the American people are thinking about taking up arms against the government. At first I snorted in derision and then it hit me. Why? Why the hell is HE scared? Did he do something against the constitution? Is that why he is scared? I bet he did.

One more Obamanite insults China. That's how you do it. I like that. Pissing off one of the possible protagonists. That way they will really want to invade us.

I have been in a severe battle with a head cold. But as is always the case I get to find something to laugh about. My wife who now has caught the cold as well went out and got some of that there airborne vitamin C tabs. Well I decided this evening to take one. Opened the cap, put one in my mouth and a little eye popping surprise. I scooted over and grabbed a glass I had sitting next to my recliner. Swallowed a couple of times to keep the pill from overcoming my now tightly closed mouth. Quickly rinsed out the glass and filled it half full of water, then spit the pill into the glass and watched as it continued to fizz. I smiled. I went back into the room with the glass of fizzing water and told my wife that she "neglected to tell me that airborne was not a chewable". She looked at me for a couple of seconds letting the image sink in, and then burst out laughing.

Moral of the story. Giant pills? Must read directions before chewing.

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