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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So the EPAers would say they don't understand

Asking quizically why don't the people want to live in a clean enviroment? That is because they already have a clean enviroment. Running around saying that the invisible is going to kill you is ........funny and futile. May be true, but then again you cannot always say there is not a God which is also funny and futile.

Fact is we threw giant fits back in the day; over polution, back in the day, and already have a huge mechanism to ensure air, water, and soil standards are met and kept. Soooo kind of like bugger off EPA or we'll get new people who will do the job right. Instead of being like a freaking boa constrictor why don't you be more like a tether on the jackss pulling the grinding wheel.

I don't know, maybe Melville was having a bad day.
But yeah.

With my last
breath I spit at thee.

Bah! I really don't feel that way. I would druther love
you to death. Kindo like a dog and a little kitten we had. That dog would not let
the poor kitty alone; and, well I found it in between the dogs paws deader'n a
door nail, but that dog was still licking away. Damn dog. That picture still

To the last, I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at
thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee.
Herman Melville

Actually I ain't spittin so much as pointing out the 'oh hey this is going here' and 'oh did I mess up your eeeeevilwicked plans...."did IIIIII dooo that"; says (Really make me wonder if.....never mind) Steven Erkle? Well any way it appears as if another clash of the titans or war of the Gods is about to take place. As the Democratic engine tears it self apart. Good thing they're coasting down hill They should probably put the tranny in neutral before the whole thing locks up and stops them dead in their tracks.....cause there is a fully loaded freight train commin down behind them, and well their junker ain't gonna be much to stop that thing now is it?

When I was 17 I had established a reputation as a hard fighten defensive end, hard swimmin co-captain, hard runnin member of the track team. People could count on me to add a few points to the score board or prevent the other team from getting somewhere. I wasn't necessarily liked but they had to respect me and my ability and strengths. I could be depended on even when they knew, that I knew, that they didn't like me. In fact I personally didn't care if they liked me or not. I didn't necessarily blame them. It was my lot and I accepted it. I was on the team and there was nothing they could do about it. I wanted to be there and I did know that I had to mind my P's and Q's and pull my weight or even better(usually better). Such is the pressure of not being liked but having the respect of your piers. A little slip up and well My life would have gone a different way. Ee'n then I pushed that envelope with the coaches. Guess I was keepin them on their toes too. Made our team better. Kindo gave the coaches a whippin boy, (trust me a very unpleasant job). I took it in stride. I blamed no-one, not even God. I waited till I got home to feel sorry for myself, But the truth is I din't spend too much time doing that either. I saw the good that was achieved in others seeing how not to do and be. It made our teams better. They worked harder. I didn't make it easy to be better'n me. By God I made it harder. I pushed myself and competed against them in practice. If the first stringers and the best didn't keep up playing as hard as they could I would blow right past them and make them look like Junior high fools. I reveled in our teams back then. I thanked God that He gave me an identity in the teams. I still do today.
I did not always get to be first string or any such accolades even though I got some. It was about the team and my identity in the team.

The Republicans got an issue here.

Get off your selfish self centered high horses; take it on the chin (all you Republican incumbents who just got your arses handed to you) get back in the game and FIGHT FOR THE TEAM ******* IT.
It's either that or get the hell out of the arena......and I don't want to see you back in it ever or else.

Is it my imagination or is Ms. Inez booty poppin.

Look at dat look at dat, Oh they call it the streak.....Dem Dems are seriously running scared..... but the electorate ain't buyin none of that. done been lied to one too many times. AAAnd dey ain't got no jobs....and da jobs ain't commin in.

This is just completely and utterly fabulous just fabulous. There no insurance like protection from being anal probed by an alien.
"They offered "alien abduction insurance," scoring $3 million -- mostly from Californians -- to victims who thought they might be anally probed by extraterrestrials."

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