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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I am going to start this day over.

I fail miserably at making this a complete day of rest for me. I suppose I shouldn't even get out of bed. I think I should maybe make this a day for sermonizing.

My first sermon shall be why do Christians worship on Sunday versus Saturday? I don't really know why the day was chosen. The rumors that I have heard of course are to honor the day that Jesus rose from the grave. How could pastors justify these things when Jesus said himself that He came not to put aside the law and the prophets; but to fulfill them, and layed out a curse for them that do such a thing.

What is the truth of the matter though? With out doing any research at this moment I am going to speculate. The calender over the millennia has been changed from Saturday that was declared the day of rest to the Saturday of today.

If I wanted to be all technical, I may not be able to tell for sure and even archaeologists likely would only speak in probabilities. Meaning we may never know for sure how we may honor God by doing what he originally said on the day that he originally said it.

We do get some clues though as to God's intent as far as to what we should do.

Mat 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

Mat 5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

The curse being called the least.

Mat 5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven:

The blessing being called great

but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

I start there because this is where understanding what God wants according to his Son us to do.

Keeping the Sabbath(modern day translation; Saturday) is apart of moses law. I have heard some preachers; in fact every one who dared to preach a sermon about moses law concerning obedience to it, say that since we can't keep any of it, we should not even try, lest we fall under the curse of failing to follow it perfectly, die and go to hell, because of it. Every preacher who has said such has not marginalized themselves. They are least.

As a gentile the only way that we could possibly follow the law of Moses would be to immerse ourselves in it under the tutelage of those such as the Israelites who have become Christians and are still practicing Moses law. I think that would be the best thing simply because we cannot possibly know all of the nuances.

For those who are not I say they follow their hearts and in their innocence though they trample all over the Temple of God; I never the less see the Joy of God as he watches his little children play and romp about like little children do.

I imagine it much like when I was young man watching my kids play and have fun. I loved the happy sound of their jibber jabber. The gentiles are like that. Stomping all over the rules set out by Moses to guide them. Shall I preach against them....Nooooo.....shall I preach against Moses law......Noooo.....You know what I shall do and have done all my life.....Love them, not judge them and carry on as if I live in a perfect world........Ok, Can't do that all the time because the world is a stupid place with a lot of people running around being judgemental, so I have to verbally kick them to get them off me...then go back to blissful innocent joy. Leaving the judgemental behind with their miserable lives.

I don't personally have much hope of running into a Jewish Christian who would mentor me in the art Moses law. I guess I get to trample all over the temple too. Lets just say that there are a few things that are on my heart to do. Make Saturday a day of rest, not prepare pork to eat knowingly or...... that's about it right now. The rest I do naturally.

Shall I honor My mother and Father

I do in every way that I possibly can; even though they two have litterally rebelled against it.
By the time that I was 17 I got the distinct feeling that I was some kind of outcast inside my own family. I don't have any sort of understanding of that other than mom and dad maybe playing brinkmanship. Mom trying to manipulate dad into participating in the directing and control because she though he should be more involved with us.

You can not imaging how it was day after day; listening to Sonja scream and holler at Lisa and Teresa as they rebelled against doing what Sonja said while mom and dad sat just a few feet away. I would have liked to of retreated to my bedroom but it was beneath the kitchen and I was unable to not hear what was going on. You cannot imaging how unpeaceful it was around the house back then, as Sonja decided to make every ones life miserable. You cannot imagine how peaceful it would be for a time right after I would slap her silly and threaten her with dire consequences if she did not shut her loud crazy mouth.

I still laugh at the time that she tried to bean me with the vacuum cleaner. I was sitting on the couch just relaxing when she came storming from down the hall; where the bedrooms of al and mom or the bathroom is. She grabbed the vacuum cleaner and started furiously vacuuming, when she got to my lazing feet she screamed "MOVE", I said, say it nice. She screamed and picked up the power head of the Electrolux; the angel of the lord came upon me, and I popped up off the the couch, grabbed hold of the wand by the chromed metal pipe . She tried to hit me but it seemed so pathetically weak to me. I laughed in her face. Her eyes popped open wide and just as suddenly as her tantrum came, she collapsed to the floor and began to wail and sob uncontrollably. Mom came into the living room through the kitchen and asked what happened? I said I don't know, she came in here ect; the way I always give micro detail. Then I asked what happened? Mom told me to go away. So I did. To this day I still do not know exactly what the deal was. Sonja went to a shrink and started taking pills. One thing I know. I move like lightening when the Lord comes upon me.

I know one other thing. As much as I tried to bless my family and talked up my family they have; to my chagrin been cursed, while I have been blessed.

My dad is dead now and my mom is in a wheel chair having foolishly broken her leg four times. I believe that had I of not prayed for my mom and family and of given the command in the spirit that none but I shall deal with my family and that all should leave them alone, that they all would have died of their foolishness. When I leave them this time, I take my protection of them as specified in moses law with me. I have no idea truly what their problem is but they do not deserve my defense of them.

I will disown them and endeavor to follow Jesus. They better hope and pray otherwise. Last I checked there is nothing that any can do to defend against the sin of hindering someone from truly serving Jesus. In other words I have been a bastion against God punishing my family for that evil. I will no longer be their defense.

How can I honor my father and mother? I will tell you how. By following after Jesus and doing what I know is right.

Go figure.

As I post this I am reminded that as I try to get this to post; the last gets bunched up, I realize once again how stupid google is. In other words if I try to re-paragraph this two or three times and the engine insists on posting it bunched up, then google as they run blogspot are idiots.

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