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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The question, should pot be legalized?

That is the biggest question facing numerous states today. One state in desperation is about to cave in and has a proposition on the ballot even now.

Giving up and caving in to the general public to allow growing and the use of marijuana in my opinion would be as bad for health and safety as repealing prohibition was back in the 20's.

It has taken us almost a hundred years to get control of drunk driving, and
public intoxication.
I can't imagine adding dope to that public
legal nightmare.

That is the argument against. The argument for are the collection of taxes(first). The second is to remove one of the staples of organized crime. If drugs were legalized that would take away from them even their primary source of income. Both very strong arguments for the decriminalization of pot.

Constitutionally there is nothing to stop the the states from decriminalization and I see the value either way. I however will not be for it and should the question arise in the state I might find myself in I shall oppose it. Not because I am for organized crime, but because I am not for giving up the fight. Dope is bad for people.

I know a couple of former close relatives let dope rule them and well one of them is nearly dead from his organs. The other one who was my closest of relatives also is likely to suffer the same fate. Though slightly younger he is already showing signs of mental illness caused by drug and alcohol abuse. My wife also; though she quit at the age of thirty five, is a medical and mental mess. So I shall reiterate that because it has so negatively affected the people that I loved, I am death on wheels against drug use.

I don't have the figures but the cost in treatment and care for people who abuse chemicals.......well we could have spent that money somewhere else such as....... I don't know; maybe bring down the deficit or something? Bought a new car or new home. Paid for our retirements.... absurd you think? I bet the direct and intangible cost of drug and alcohol abuse has cost this country trillions in lost productivity and maybe even the primary reason we stand to lose our economic advantage over the rest of the world. We should be on freaking Pluto by now. ........We are not and I blame chemical abuse for this.

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