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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My comment at another site.

I find the ban on WWII era guns absurd. The M1 had a; by today's standard, very unhandy 8 round P- Ting clip. I make fun of it because it makes a very loud P-ting when it is empty and self ejects.

Eight rounds. Man I bought a mini 9mm pistol on the cheap that had that many in the clip.

Outside of the fact that the Garand's ; 30-06, became the gold standard in ammo, and the rifle has a very respectable effective and accurate range of better'n 600 yards. In an open conflict the weapon would be a serious handicap today because magazine size would not allow for an individual sustained rate of fire. If I was a liberal I would want my potential enemies to be handicapped and allow the open sale of the guns.....

Problem is all the rest of us who are their ideological and of course potential enemies know the rate of fire handicap and would have something else as our primary SD weapon, and the Garand would be just a nice little memento hanging on the wall. After all it is weapon that won the war. I say that with a smile.
Ok some would want to debate that. I am a serious air power buff, but ultimately air power only opens the door, it is still the infantryman who commands the field . Air power is the key, tanks are the booted foot, but infantry always follows and secures. And the US infantry had the best weapon in the Garand bar none.
This shows that the Obama's don't understand anything about firearms at all.....of course...

In dealing with my current theory; that it all boils down to "Invasion USA", according to GW's prophecies and visions, the likely cause would be to keep arms out of Americans hands to prevent our joining the battle lines.... which would also be a ridiculous thing to try and do. That would also explain the Obama's; and the Democrats as well, propensity to unconstitutional behaviors and laws.
Is it them trying to provoke the people to a revolution? I say they fail... Lets put it this way... They are not going far enough out on that limb to provoke a general uprising.

Partisans the world over; and it would be no different here, would get arms by ambush and various other violent guerrilla tactics. So the left just puts them and their own in greater danger should an open conflict become a reality here in the CONAS.

If all of this is just stupid ideology and they indeed are just doing this stuff out of a misguided belief.... well it is all backfiring on them with the people. It just shows that a person with the best of education can be just; maybe even more so, a gullible fool.

And yes it is indeed unfortunate that I can state this in a civil manner when in my heart I am
enraged over all of this....

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