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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tis cool.

Romantics and passionate....ok now I am starting to sound like a homo.....**** with it.....

It takes the romantics and passionate
to stand up and be belligerent for the cause.

Maybe I'm point
Or maybe I tail
But never the less
It is the right trail.

I travel a path
I thought alone
Cried many a tear
Was shaken to the bone

I have sat lone listening post
Quiet as can be
Afraid I would hear
The enemy come for me

Cut off if not for a string
To my left I heard
Twigs and branches
Broken and stirred

My heart doubled it's pace
Sweat broke my face
I hesitated not
Time was the race

I gently pulled the string
Some rock in the can tinkled
A whisper found my ear
Time was a wrinkle

In the ditch
I swore I saw movement
Can no one hear
More whispering vent

Could my heart
Stand much more of this
In the back of my mind
registered a faint click

I jumped with a start
As gunfire erupted
And with shouts of joy and glee
The enemy disrupted

Trapped they all died
As all enemies should
I wasn't alone
I now understood

still alone in my vigil
still alone at my post
still alone I stand guard
still alone with my ghost

I was there
Not because I wanted to be
I was there by command
I was there for the free

If in moment
If I should die for the stand
Then it was my choice
To die for this land

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