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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The economy

Unemployment claims are at 8.8 million. The economy lost over 450K jobs and Unemployment still is above 9.6%.... Long gone apparently are the days when the media would claim that the economy put on jobs but instead can only report the losses. losing half a million jobs a week is pretty bad. What is not in this report are the number of jobs added so that I or we can judge for our selves what the picture is really like. Too bad.

Hmm. On another front. Tarp is going to make 8.2% in profit's. Once again (BB knows) the only mistake I made is in thinking I made a mistake. In 1997 I made the utterance about the Government making money by corporate ownership. I said mor'n that but the synapse will do. Of course God is the one who is making what I said come true and I could not. Never the less it is the almighty who has blessed this. I recommend to the Democrats that they not take credit for this but give the credit to God where it really belongs. Also I still recommend that the people vote for the Tea party agenda, Republicans, and Tea Partiers. Trust me on that.

Sometimes it is darkest before the dawn but around 9 am of what looks like a beautiful day a storm will arise the likes of which this country has never seen before. I wouldn't want to be in power the day that happens unless you happen to know the storm is a coming and are in preparation to meat the onslaught and the Democrats do not know that it is coming. Or worse, they think they can stop it from happening. Not this time. Everything they do today will make no difference but add to the impetus behind it. Just as appeasement eased the way for Hitler, appeasement today will just make it easier. Can the Democrats have one more millions killed in war stamped upon their heads....Nope.

Eeew. Soros must be getting smucked because he is actively fighting back.

Salvatore Guinta MOH, Humble.

Absolutely phenomenal

You know why the French Government is having so much trouble paying for French benefits. Because of the difficulty taking care of so many(millions)of Muslim immigrants.

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