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Friday, October 22, 2010

Bet you thought I was done with this.

Earnings reports give Stocks emotional boost but it is a false feeeling. Unemployment is relatively unchanged and the economy is so sluggish that it will not go up under these situation. I also make this prediction. That the Republicans may have the momentum but the elitism that they represent will not make for a better economic environment. Unless the Republicans change their spots we are in for some crap.......economically and there will likely be outbreaks of civil and social unrest like Europe is experiencing. I hate that phrase, civil and and social unrest. Pussified phrases do not ease the pain of the man who gets his head cut off. Intellectual or college speak go way over the head of general public or in a now antiquated phraseology to masses. If you don't say it mean, we are just going to look at you intellectual people like you're not serious and your hearts are not into what you are saying.

In the meantime the people are ever more pessimistic about the economy.
another phrase I hate for general public use. "The report suggests that". Bull****! People do not live their lives by suggestion but by facts.

The next story is rather amazing in that the reporters of this stuff would not say that terrorism is already becoming a commonality in Europe. But never the less can't up and let the American People know on account of it might warn them and cause them to press European governments to tighten up immigration. Remember the old story of the slaves taking over Rome and slaughtering the slavers.....well that is what is about to happen now isn't it. Problem is there will be no where to run to because the Muslims have determined to take over the world and they cannot be bought. If you didn't get the metaphor....The Muslim immigrants are the slaves and the rich people(slavers) are the greedy jerks trying to get cheep labor via immigration.

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