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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Erik Scott

In Memory

I never knew him and except for this incredible saga of incompetence I never would. This bold series over at the Confederate Yankee gives an amazing in depth analysis of the frauds posing in uniform in the Las Vegas Police Department and other branches of government there.

Next video: No ancient word has the archaeological support for the miracles that the Bible documents.

I am not the sum of all my parts and experiences. I am more a algorithm reconciling all of my experiences.... There is one experience that dominates today, yesterday, and tomorrow for me and that is the experience of accepting Jesus as my savior and since that experience the Holy Ghost has been shaping my life so that I may fit in the Kingdom of Heaven. Same with any who Accept Jesus and none are left the same who come into contact with Son by the Father. Not even those whom reject him. It is written that the word of God does not come back void and it is fact. Never does the word come back void.

I have previously documented in this web site the fact that 6 million African Muslims a year are accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior but that is not all the Muslims world wide. Just on one continent. The Islamic kingdom world wide is experiencing the troubling affect of the guilt the Holy Spirit brings upon a people who in toto blaspheme Jesus and the Salvation he is. The Father seeing this draws all men unto the Son, to take out of all nations a people for a name for himself.

To this I add a parable: I am like unto the seed planted near the rocky ground yet in good soil; grown tall and wide of girth my roots seeking out breaking the rocky ground and the fertility of the word of God makes the soil, that the word of the Lord that falls upon it may also grow into mighty trees as well. In as much as I am grown near the rocky ground I am made more the sturdy by it. Having grown in it's season that The Lord of the Garden may haps come by and pick of fruit that pleases him and yet may he nurture this tree in his way to bring forth more fruit to his liking. Yet is given unto this tree to one day, die may the lord of this Garden find that the fruit was good and worthy to plant near the rocky ground, that more such should grow up and break the hardness of men's hearts, that is the Rocky ground; so that when the good seed fall upon it, it may grow more of the sweet and savory fruit that the Lord of the Garden prefers; that the celebration of the harvest be the fullest that the Lord of the Harvest deemed it shall be.

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