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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doomsday Cometh

Probably needs editing: i will get around to it later.

I scoffed at an old man who used to stand out on the streets of New York holding up a sign that said that very thing. Now here I am holding up his sign. God bless that old man where ever he is.

I am fascinated and intrigued by the following video. All of the things that have happened that led up to this year and through even as far as 2017. In all of this I have a promise from God that he shall not do these things in my lifetime. And yet I am curious. Old man says to me one day "curiosity killed the cat". I have always wondered where that came from. Old man says to me on another day. "Oh what a tangled web we weave".(WWW) To experience some of those things as a man. Why do I feel this way? Why should anyone ever want to experience the incredible catastrophes and clashes to come? I can not say that I truly saw them but only envisioned them as an a projection of the future.

I predict that the tribulation cannot begin before 9/11/2011 and that a more perfect date would be 11/11/11. Some have in jest called me oracle(rhymes with erkkila) some have called me preacher. I laughed along with them; sometimes it was a little hurtful. But I have been mightily blessed because I have been predicting so many things that have come to pass that It makes me wonder myself, considering that I am a gotta have rock solid proof before I believe. I think that others have believed in me much more than I have in myself.

Funny that I should say to my wife around the time of the invasion of Iraq that this was going to be a mess and that it takes about 10-12 years to work these things out. In 1997 I mentioned all kinds of things and one of them was birthrates and borders. Even the predictive programs they run on computers today. Compared to Prophets of the past I am lame, but mankind has not that much time left by themselves and I have no need to predict beyond the reign of Jesus. Outside of saying it will be 1000 years of happiness for men.

Maybe I have a feel for it and the math that goes along with it. Maybe there is just something natural or gift of God. I just wanted to know and beseeched the Lord with all my love and heart that I should. Now I do. At first I was sorry that I could suddenly see the path that man was on but now I am comforted by it. For I have seen in the evidence of men's hearts that Jesus is indeed working miracles of salvation even to the consternation of his worst enemies.

With out knowing any of the previous works of oracles and seers but only those mentioned in the bible, I have also predicted tsunamis, sink holes, miners trapped and rescued, hurricanes, the great earth quake and tsunami of Indonesia. Even super volcanoes not yet done. I have not documented this much and even here I do not document these things much. I guess I only think of the really really big things. Like a Meteor destroying 1/3 of life in the sea and 1/3 of the ships of the sea and I really didn't make that prediction but what I did get to do was something that I had not heard in all of the sermons nor from a TV Preacher.

To be fair though I really don't put much credence in watching them. Some of them are good. But most get prophecy wrong. I cannot say that I have heard to many any give accurate instruction. Jack van Impe is an example of the kind I am talking about. I think most of them are smug in their education. I do like Van Imps news though, I get to hear some stuff that is going on that I don't hear anywhere else. The 700 club is another good news spot. I also think they have a very good healing ministry. Most news agencies are too afraid of causing it all and I think that that is why they are kind of mum about the truth. I guess I predicted/commanded that as well. Sort of a crazy way to say that. Came true though.

For instance revelations predicts all that is going on in Africa. Daniel predicts the battle between Democracy and Islam overlapped with the prophecies of Islam (Ishmael) being against every one else. I finally heard that from a preacher last week{Ishmael hand being against every other mans hand}. few of these great preachers really talk about this stuff and get it right.

I also think that continuously they get the US wrong. We are in there just not mentioned by name. Or invasion USA by hordes and the victory we have because God comes to the rescue. Those are earth shattering. Almost literally. I can't imagine how a meteor will effect the tectonic plates but I can imagine a super volcano might be stimulated to blow and other volcanoes will blow. Of course that is yet to be seen.

I was inspired to write this after watching this next video. It is really about the science and the men and women of the past who have made some amazing and documented predictions.

This is not for the faint of heart; scoffers, or atheists who are being out birthed, converted, and basically going extinct.

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