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Sunday, October 24, 2010

European Style of Democracy

I have always had some discomfort with the European style of Democracy. Parliament. Is likely more responsive to the peoples emotional whims, but then again should government be so responsive? No. In a few short months; the masses hearts could go from enraged, to passive, back to enraged. If the government collapsed and reformed and then collapsed again, that is money/time wasted and opportunities squandered.

How about this one? Your country is in the midst of a raging war and the people become convinced that it was the wrong thing to do and the government collapses and reforms and then surrenders to Hitler's or Khomeini's and then of course the Hitlers or Khomeini's slaughter as the Hitler's and Khomeini's are want to do.

Never happened you say?........... Why did France try to collapse the dollar during our turn at Vietnam? Change in government. Why did Britain pull out of Iraq? Change in government. Why did the Europeans call for and pressure for their societal, suicidal, immigration policies? Change in governments.

Look at the unrest in France right now. The government is trying to clean up it's act again to regain national solvency, and whoops the people who are always going to do this except under Jesus. They are taking a not NIMBY attitude. Not in my back yard. 'You can't take my benefits away from me'; riots are breaking out. So what is going to be the answer to their conundrum? Why reform the Government of course. Their problem is likely too many immigrants on welfare but 'they skeerd', thanks to the people who would maintain social purity having been killed off in WWII by you guessed it. Hitler. Sometimes you got to piss against the wall in order to keep something.
The European People are stuck. You can't have both. Economic solvency and allow the unassimilateable immigrants into your country at the same time and maintain your society too. You all are going to have to decide.
Too much more fartin around and whoops the decision will be made for you by the immigrants out populating the indigent french men.... Bye bye French society. Hello Francistan. Sounds good to the immigrants. The only good thing is it destroys the promiscuous life style of the whore of Babylon. No tears from me there. Jesus is the answer for France. Yep a giant Christian revival where millions of French accept Jesus as savior and then have a gazillion babies and out do the Islamics.

I also hate the secular conservatives way of thinking. No amount of secular water can possible put out the fires of Islamic revolution. It takes Jesus and his followers. The believers will always know that God above that is greater than man below and ignore the imploring non-believers and do what they will according to there religious teachings. Besides. The non believer are being out birthed and no less than 25 years from now the world will be conservative in its totality. Liberals once again relegated to the annuls of history. From beginning to end the liberals and leftists will have had sway since Freud(fraud) and Darwin (fraud) for about 150 years. They will be done. Bye. Yippee yahoo.....we are sick of there winy ass followers. This new abomination the combination of the bear-lion-leopard will also begone one day. Out birthed by the rest of the world. Bye.

Ok Back to Politics. this one is about holes but watch it all because the last one will astound you and also make you laugh.

Yet God shall rescue the world.

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