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Monday, November 8, 2010

Always is not gonna earn my trust

With back room deals and outright lying, conniving, imperialist, attitudes towards the people. Yet I am grateful with the Republicans current attitude. With out the one worldism that has taken root in their current generation, I would not have any ammo to sling at one worlders.

I sense a desire within the Republican Party to piss upon the most productive societal group in America; Christian conservatives. My recommendation. Don't even go near that. The people are in such a mood still. Straighten up, become righteous, or become the grey water we flush down the sewer of life.

In the meantime the Democrats are also acting stumped
...bumfuzzeled...Proof that their inside advisers are completely stupid....Did they not think that if you write twisted questions that they would get twisted answers, and make twisted decisions, and the people would make there decisions based upon the reality that is right in front of them, and that reality is unemployment which is actually higher than the Democrats are reporting, in fact the numbers have been skewed by 3.5 million people, and that the real reported unemployment rate is somewhere around 11+ percent, and the real unreported unemployment is about 19%. You Democrats are acting like your Muslims in our land, who are taught that it is ok to lie...Well it ain't. Lying is of Satan no matter who you lie to; if you consider to lie; God knows about that and it is a SIN, punishable by not getting into heaven. Yeah that's right....If you lie to a rock,
God sees your hearts, and because you are unrepentant for it, you do not get into the pearly gates.

While the Muslims who's culture just cannot understand that the people of the this state just spoke, yet the idiots think we should consider their sharia laws. BULLSHIT...Yet here is a court issuing a stay on the peoples vote(the law passed with a 74% majority). The courts in the US don't have any right to tell the people of a state what to want especially when it comes to the people of a state saying they are not going to allow some foreign court determine the outcome in Oklahoma courts. So you can shove your foreign laws right up your asses. And I don't give a good ^^^^^^^^ what shady unknown treaties were signed. I would bet that if the people find out that the government made some bullshit deal like that the treasonous treaty makers will be out of government with prejudice. In other words; might be lucky if they just get ostracized, but they should be hung for treason....I bet they even know they commit treason with this crap. I assure you that right after that war(we win) those who commit acts of treason such as that will be executed...And you wanna talk about ethnic cleansing. There won't be a professing Muslim left in this country alive. We do have anti religion laws you know. All we have to do is declare Islam a cult, and voila. No more Islamism allowed. It is a cult in every sense of the word, and every meaning we Americans ascribe to it.

I guarantee you that war is coming here. We will get invaded and we will win. God has so ordained it.

Let's see. Um there are 9 million Muslims in the US...that makes them 2.9% of the population....and the other 97.1%? They find out that radical Muslims are not the problem but Islam is a radical religion....and that is the problem....The short description is Hell will be paid.

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