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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Golden Rule applies to nations as well.

Amen. I should add that if those who think to manipulate by lies and deceit to attain a one world government succeed, they would fail.

The principled reason is because of the golden rule...and what they reaped they sowed. They sow derision and instability amongst others, they will reap derision and instability, and that is what they will serve at there own table. The synaptic statement we use today is, "what comes around goes around". I want to say it this way; what they send around comes back around.
Mankind would destroy himself if God does not intervene. Lord knows that we are quite capable of making the planet totally inhabitable by mankind today.

As an aside, imagine if the Islamic religion managed to gain complete control of the world, which it won't. Look at how they fight amongst each other. It has been a never ending war in that part of the world since Nebuchadnezzar.

If they deceitfully caused a one world situation then by deceit they would fall, and the world would return to individual bordered nations.

You know something TF? I am putting that in my website. You are somewhat a tool of inspiration for unique thoughts.

In other news today the GOP are complaining that the Tea Party hurt their chances......Uh no they didn't. The Republicans hurt their own chances when guys like Carl Rove makes dumbass statements about Tea Party favored candidates such as Sara Palin not qualified. None are truly qualified if you think about it. After all the economic crash began under a Republican Presidents watch. No the Republicans are the ones who bit themselves in the ass. What the Republicans don't get is that they can take their imperialiastic superority complex and shovel it. The people ain't listening to them any more either. Ol' Bushkin and his new world order crap. Always is not going to work(ain't).

My advice to the GOP? Stop bitchin about a political group of people that out effin number you or they will clean your clocks again in the next set of primaries.....Take that as a promise....idiots.

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