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Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Unions can't do for you

Detroit got it's stuff handed to it because as an aggregate whole it cannot make good reliable cars and refused to heed the call of the future and insisted the making of big profits came before making good cars. They took the short attention deficit disordered road.....They take longer to get cars made and longer to respond to the market than any other industrial group in America.

There is only one reason for it. The unions at an average $70.00 an hour wages and benefits and management at even higher compensation rate,' greed. The losses were too much. "They" say that new good stuff is coming out yet in this article "they say", that for the next couple of years that what is current is junk, with the first seven on the list of junk are from Chrysler and GM.

I don't know. I got an HHR from Chevy. A 2007. I like it and the feel is good and solid with good handling and ride. Pretty good I would say. The fuel mileage is a wuss 30 mpg highway 22 city but never the less I am happy to have it. For Chevy they done good on that one. I do remember a day when Chevy was the consummate junker but not this one. The car salesman was an idiot liar but all car salesmen are lying idiots. I ain't met a one what wasn't. I ended up cussing his ass out on the phone and I refuse to go back to the dealer and recommend no one ever go there again because of him but that is another story.

It is indicative of the sordid state of mind this country has gotten itself into economically. ADD profit motive. The; 'party today for tomorrow we die', attitude. Not realizing that THAT is why they would die tomorrow. My wife is another example of the; 'party today for tomorrow we die', attitude. Problem is she is not dead but her body from all the yesterday is a mess. Like last night she was eating a small bag of microwave popcorn and then with her fingers and wiped every last drop of butter out of the inside of the bag and Licked her fingers......Disgusting...She is FAT. I confronted her and asked her if she understood that that was crazy. She said," so"..... Same deal in America. The people are saying 'so'. But they just threw the Democrats out of power you say. I don't think that the lesson is fully learned in it's completeness. There is still the desire to return to the;' licking the butter off the fingers', mentality floating around out there. The people have not yet understood that righteousness is a way of life not a momentary blurb used to get rid of crooked politicians.

Once again I find myself reiterating that Christian conservatism is the wave of the future. Just because Christians are having many more children than liberals, and liberals are not only having fewer children but also because they have aborted better than 40 million of their own babies. Proof to me that they; having gone against God in America, have cropped up with a liberal societal suicidal death wish. They don't want their belief to live on. In fact in Every communist socialist country or former fascist country in the world the birth rates have declined to way below societal recovery rates. Ergo. Socialism is doomed to extinction. And the fat butterballs that this overprotective scheme-ology has become will also become the dinosaurs of prehistoric times....Proof that to go against God is moral and societal suicide.

"My god is an awesome God. He reigns from heaven above with wisdom Power and love, my God is an awesome God." So though I pray for their souls and have seen a harvest of many from the slavery of this world I lament not the death of socialism. The death of socialism is inevitable.

It is being replaced with a monotheism.

Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords. In the end all will be Christianity and none shall usurp the power and authority or legacy of Jesus. His love and sacrifice will be only power left on earth.
Save for at the last there will be no devil. Even he will be bound gagged and lost to men until then.

Btw from all that scientist know; there are strange goings on that in all of recorded scientific history, anomalies. The sun is going through some changes. Makes sense. The sun is passed into middle age. It burns up fuel expands, shrinks, increases fuel burn, and decreases in mass at a rate of 70% per ton of fuel used. It has used 50 percent of it's hydrogen. We may be much closer to the midlife of the sun than we imagined or calculated. There will be commensurate changes in gravitational pull and thus changes in effects against earth. As this change occurs we may be baffled as to what or why the earth is going through it current spate of earthquakes and volcanoes. Yet I say this; God who is greater then the sun and the earth may yet be saying something to us. That something is 'he is'. It is so I say and is much apart of Christians apparent understanding that these changes signify the nearing approach of his return to directly manage us, his creation.

I will for this next moment as unpalatable as it is to me play the objective card. For all the predictions of the Bible of the Christians keep coming true and no amount of hiding the fact that they are will keep the future predictions; anomalous to educated and brevetted scientific community, from happening. There are indeed Christians who have made astounding and completely double blinded predictions based upon the bible that have come true. These predictions range from societal to the physical.

From increases in criminal activity and the response to it, to the volcanoes, earthquakes, and related tsunami. The fact that Christians are continuously predicting these events hints that they have access to information that is beyond the normal cognisance of mere flesh and blood. Not just any ordinary information but 'the true' information.

If any religion or discipline other than Christianity had been so able to predict the future; that society would be the dominant population and social order today. Instead better than 1/3 third of mankind or more than 2 billion men women and children of earth are worshipping Jesus or are following after Jesus or calling themselves followers of Jesus. This number is growing faster than any other belief system on earth. In fact it is growing faster as more and more it is revealed that Christianity is much closer to mans ideal of what a society should be like.

With all of this I make here another prediction I have heretofore not made. Ingrained in human DNA is a matrix that speaks of God's existence and the resurrection of Jesus and his salvation.
That truly in the mystery of human life God has signed and dated us. We are his handiwork and he left not only his imprint upon us but also his name as owner, and holds title to man.

I make this statement as a messenger of his.

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