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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And with this compromise

The commy left is stymied. No increase for the rich. Just a continuation of a chaotic and unfair Keynesian tax systems. Not going to work. In the long run the piper will call. And when he does there is death and hell.

Oh boy........ Here at this supposedly Christian web news site the final word of this particular writer is that "Archeology cannot prove or disprove the Bible". Seems the morons who are still trying to tell lies; while trampling all over the truth or suppressing it if you prefer; actually I prefer that, have won one little tory. That of one writer back peddling all over the place in making a statement for the bible and the truth. The bible is accurate complet-eh-ly including archaeologically. Been proven time and time again.

This video is David Bellamy come out against the global warming scam. I don't go along with Bellamy's stance that industrialization is a big big problem or his efforts to stop mining and industrialization at any cost because ultimately the hungry and naked people will overwhelm all, and the longer that this log jam lasts, the greater and more violent the flood will be. But never the less Bellamy is correct; global warming is a scam.

In what should make no sense to any one I been saying for years; I want it cooler, actually cold, deep freeze cold even. The question is; am I speaking in reality or making up some kind of code. I have never lied about something like this. People may find some kind of scientific reason for the getting colder but they will have no scientific reason for me knowing all this before hand.

I will tell y'all what. I am going to create yet another web site just for my prophetic statements and try to keep this site clear of those utterances that way people who would scoff or find those thoughts troublesome to their souls need not read them here..


  1. Just a continuation of a chaotic and unfair Keynesian tax systems...among other atrocities my friend! takes a long time to download ..:)

  2. I'm sorry, I might have to many things going on with my counters and stuff.
    It is an honor that you find my site edifying?
    I think everyone would benefit with a much simpler tax code.


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